Saturday Night Grad Year Photo

4x6= $5.00
5x7= $12.00
8x10= $20

The Photos can be forwarded by e-mail.  If a photo has to be mailed, an additional $2.00 for 4x6 & 5x7 or $3.00 for an 8x10 will be added.

You must identify the specific graduation photo (1950-53; 1954-56; 1940s; 1930s; 1957-59; 1960-62; 1963-65; 1966-68;1969-72; 1973-79; 1980-95).  If there were two different group photos taken of a specific period (i.e. too many grads for one photo, please indicate which group you wish to order or indicate you want a picture of each group (2 photos).

Payment can be made by cheque or cash.

Please make cheques to:   Tech-N-Colour Productions.
Send your order and cheques to:

Tech-N-Colour Productions
1740C Ontario Avenue
Saskatoon, SK
  S7K 1T1

Or call
Allen Beck or Matt Alstadt at (306) 934-0069

Al's e-mail address is

The Stills

Terry Hretsina snapped over 800 photos during our reunion weekend.  To order a disk with a great assorment of images please click HERE.

Legacy Items 

To order any of our Legacy Items, please follow this link