The contact committee has had "return to sender" from our latest mailout for the following individuals.  Does anyone know how we can contact them?  If so, send an e-mail to  Thanks.

Anne Blair
Alvin Hong
Bill Galbraith
Bev Bennett
Betty Ann Kirton
Doug & Ann Bishop
John Chasmar
June Martin
June McFadden
Margaret Benson
Pat Walker
Ruby Husband
Susan Francis

1964:  Where are you?  Not many of us have created profiles and fewer have RRSP'd or bought tickets.  Hopefully many more of us are returning for this reunion as it will probably be the last big one.  

Earl Eidem


Cliff Andrews has been very successful in contacting his 1966 classmates and encouraging their attendance.  However, he is missing a few addresses.  If you have street addresses or e-mail addresses for the following Classmates, please contact Cliff at 

4A Enid Angelstad, Judy Bradwell,  Jill Good, Heather Kinlock,  James Taylor,  Helen Trout

4B  Janet Burnett, John Carter, Pat Cave, Ron Korpershock, Shirley Shoforost, Donna Stinson, Ruby Wollf

4C Janet Buchanan, Myrna Desormeau, Lois Deyell, Lynne Holderness, Isabella Reinhardt, Maxine Roseberry, Norma Smith, Darlene Trapp

4D  Alexandra Dobbs, Beverly Ripka, Mona Scott

4E Nancy Gebhard, Glenn Hartmann, Barbara Leach, Isabelle Loucks,

4F Jim Rogers

Eleanor B.Page
Janis Erickson Mack wrote:I am trying to track down the family of I am trying to track down the family of Eleanor B.Page for my mother. Eleanor graduated from Nutana in 1939/40. Her brothers Nestor and Garnet also attended. Her married name was Eleanor Hicks and then Eleanor B. Coerr. She has written many children's books that have been published world-wide. I know that she is still alive and lives in the States. Would greatly appreciate any information that anyone can provide. 
Thank you.   Janis - 1964 grad

Please contact Janis through her contact information on this site.

Ivy Smith
LLoyd Watts <> wrote:  I graduated in 1945, my sister Reta in 1946. Reta would like to contact her best friend and classmate in 4B, Ivy Smith.  If anyone has any knowledge of Ivy. would they kindly send me a message. I would like to hear from any of my old mates in 4A if there are any still around.
Please contact LLoyd through his profile on this site.